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    Carol Adam's work since 1980 has focused on the art of creating the commission as an interactive and separate art form. As a public artist, she has done all the art for a rapid transit station, a hallway in the science building at the University of Toledo, the lobby of a Communications Center for the University of Wisconsin and sculptures in nine libraries. Carol created the art for the tower of a middle school, and a large sculpture to tell the story of a city that is installed outside city hall.

    Carol's newest work involves, a mix of enamel on steel and LED neon. These media are layered along with handmade felt to create organic layers of texture and comments about their inspiration. The painterly character allowed by enamel on steel adds a special kind of shine and an appealing type of surface along with an opportunity to cut, shape and become 3-dimensional.  Her weavings involve multi-media, freqently adding wood, and enamels and sometimes light.  

    Carol pursues her art in several series. Both her light and technology work speak to the beauty she sees on the planet and the interactivity between humans. She believes that we are coming together in the art of making a difference for each other. Carol also believes that the future will bring an increase in the positive development of studying and being human, as well as technological breakthroughs. Carol Adam's philosophy for both her art and the world is to create joy, beauty, sharing, abundance, light, and knowledge on the planet...